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Mens Winter Boots: The Best Winter Boots for Men

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What are the Best Mens Winter Boots?

Mens Winter Boots are made to keep his feet warm in the winter, whether for slushy commutes or just shoveling snow. And while we’ve previously covered the finest rain boots and hiking boots for men (and even a how-to on weatherproofing your shoes), we’ve gone deep on the best men’s winter and snow boots according to the most enthusiastic Amazon reviewers.

Best Rated Mens Winter Boots

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

With thousands of people praising their waterproof construction and pleasant fit, these Timberland boots have a five-star rating from over 26,000 reviewers. One such user was searching for a pair of snow boots that would be comfortable to wear in light snow and was relieved they selected these “extremely cozy” footwear. “Yesterday I walked through an inch of snow in 24-degree weather with my feet staying really warm. I had some toe warmers on hand just in case, but I didn’t even come close to using them,” the reviewer adds.

The boots also withstood another reviewer’s journey through a blizzard in Central Park. “Though the temperature dropped to 12 degrees and I walked through freezing rain, snow, slush, puddles, ice, and climbing and off-roading,” they write, “these shoes were never wet inside and kept me warm and comfortable… I was shocked at how well they functioned in these conditions.” They’re also long-lasting. One user claims their first pair lasted them close to a decade.

“They’ve been on my feet for ten years of walking, hunting, dog-walking, Michigan winters, shoveling snow, and chopping wood. They’re comfier than any tennis shoe I’ve ever worn; they keep my feet dry and warm while remaining lightweight enough for those all-day treks in the woods. There’s not much else to say about them.”

The Best Rated (and less expensive) Mens Winter Boots

Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot

According to thousands of five-star reviewers, the Kamik Cargo Knee Boots perform exceptionally well in cold, damp conditions owing to their warmth and durability. They’re “100 percent waterproof,” claims one reviewer, who says he stood “in a very cold creek for over an hour and a half in these” and that his feet stayed “warm the entire time with only a cotton pair of socks on under them. Not a gosh dang leak either.”

“I was wearing them in 25-degree weather, and they kept my feet warm.” “It was twenty-five degrees outside, with snow falling like a son of a gun, and my feet were toasty.” Drawstring closure at the top of each boot and a removable liner that keeps feet warm are two features mentioned by several reviewers as contributing to this warmth. “They aren’t going to win awards for being stylish; they’re just excellent at keeping your feet comfortable in the worst of winter’s conditions: deep or wet snow and/or bitterly cold temperatures,” concludes one reviewer.

The boots are made of 95% rubber and 5% nylon. They were made in Canada, not imported. The shaft is mid-calf from the arch and the comfort rating is -40 degrees C. It also has an 8mm thermal guard with a removable liner (it is 100% recycled content). The sole is non-marking and made of synthetic rubber too.

Best lightweight Mens Winter Boots

Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

He intends to take them on a trek in Colorado over the winter and thinks they’ll be perfect for his short-term trip. A third customer, however, wears them at work every day and refers to them as “perfect.” He runs a donkey sanctuary and is “on his feet all day.” It’s difficult to find boots with a wider toe box that are waterproof and comfy without spending an arm or a leg. “Typically it’s tough to come by shoes with a larger toe box that is both water-resistant and comfortable without spending an arm or a leg of money,” he adds.

He couldn’t believe it when he discovered these Skechers winter boots. “You can’t go wrong with Skechers,” he thought.

These boots are made of leather and synthetic materials. It is imported. The sole is synthetic and waterproof. The shoes have memory foam inside them which makes them comfortable to wear. They come in a relaxed fit style and the shaft measures ankle-high from the arch, making it easy to walk in them.

Best Mens Winter Boots for Hiking

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Suede Waterproof Hiking Shoe

These Columbia boots, which are technically hiking boots but also appeared in our list of the best walking boots for men, are adaptable and work well for a range of activities, including as an office boot in the cold. “I walk many miles each day through various terrain for at least 12 hours per day without difficulty. These boots are as light as sneakers and quite durable. I’ve worn these boots down to the ground multiple times while they were completely submerged in ice water without a problem.”

“Do yourself a favor and buy these boots if you work on your feet frequently as I do,” says this client. They’re also durable, as this reviewer demonstrates: “I purchased these a few years ago and have worn them every winter and fall. The shoes are still in excellent shape. I’ve traveled with them before, and they’ve been worn in snow and heavy rain. Hiking, gardening, and casual wear are all things I use them for. I’m shocked that the shoes are still waterproof after all this time.” “I have trekked through deep snow without my feet getting cold or wet,” claims one reviewer.

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot has an imported sole that is rubber. The shaft measures 5 inches from the arch, and it has a heel that measures 1.5 inches high. It also has a platform of 0.5 inches high.

This boot is good for hiking. It has a tongue to breathe, and it is waterproof. The lace-up closure makes the fit adjustable and secure. It comes in many colors and styles.

OMNI-GRIP can help you stay on the ground. It matches special things to the environment like snow and ice.

SURE FOOTE is responsive, supportive cushioning, and super-grippy rubber outsoles are geared for miles over rocks, grass, gravel, and roots.

Materials: Upper: Leather / Suede / Mesh,Midsole: Techlite EVA,Outsole: Omni-Grip Rubber.

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